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Keyvan Tabari

Copyright Keyvan Tabari 2021. All Rights Reserved.

The sky is blue,

The sun is out,

The grass is lush.

I am in luck.

I go for a walk.


It is four days

Before Valentine’s. 

Love is in the air.”


The neighborhood is quiet.

 As I expected.

Six hundred houses of “adults”.

But only eight souls out.

Nobody’s dead, just fading.


We waive, we don’t talk much.

As all is muffed.

My “Hi” hides behind the Covid mask.

Theirs is blurred in my ear with no aids.


I stomp my feet

To relieve a pulled muscle

Of the leg.

That makes a beat.

Weird music of my age.

Is there poetry in this tale?

Reality aesthetics in a prosaic life?

(February 10, 2021)