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Keyvan Tabari

Copyright Keyvan Tabari 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Droplets shining on the leaves

Like so many stars in the dark,

When the first rain of the storm

 Came last night.

In the first rays of the day, it brought out 

The red of the wood in the fence,

And the budding arms of a mulberry tree.

Past the white egret who claimed the neighborhood green,

I saw the aging oak stood sentinel at

The path to the banks of the pond.

There the birthing willow looked for life,

While the fungus of the dying bench nearby

Turned envious in the wet.

Yonder, rows of grapevines like

So many soldiers in Terra Cotta of Xian,

Waited for the order to rise.

Would that it soon come!

In one corner of the sky,

The sun engaged with the raining cloud.

Which one is better? I recall debating the merits

With a fellow kindergartener at five,

On the National Radio Tehran program:

Good Morning Children/Bacheha salaam!

 (January 27. 2021)